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Daily Cupcake #413: Thoughts

Daily Cupcake #413: Thoughts

Wow. Happy Thanksgiving and tis' the season and unplugging for a few days was amazing.  

I was a lot more aware of the spaces that I do have in my day, even with working, raising a toddler, preparing for the holiday with family in town, and self-care like Pilates, running, doing my hair and make-up.  

I am glad to come back to posting these #dailycupcakes that show how Pilates principles can flow into your day to help create a life with fitness.  

I am also renewed in my conviction of how powerful thoughts are in influencing the experience of living. 

Which leads me to this #Dailycupcake about Thoughts that follows the Pilates principle of "control". Depending on what you need in your day you can take:
Just a nibble- “Drag your thoughts away from your troubles…by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.” Mark Twain
A few bites– Ruminating is not a positive coping mechanism. What's a better one for you?
Every last bite– Create a cue or mantra that gets you away from dwelling on negative thoughts to the positive coping mechanism.
Daily Cupcake #402: Your Masterpiece

Daily Cupcake #402: Your Masterpiece