Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Daily Cupcake #432: Zero

Expectations can be motivating. Expectations can be unmotivating.  

I get in trouble with expectations if I hold them too closely. If something I cannot control shifts (like how long my tiny human naps) and it disrupts the time I expected to have for my own self-care, I can get grumpy. 

But I don't have to get grumpy. That is the part I do control.

Preventing feeling grumpy becomes all about relaxing my expectations. I let go that there is only one best outcome and instead have a few options to take depending on what comes up.  

Flexible expectations keep me motivated and free of grumpy feelings.  

Which leads me to this #Dailycupcake about Zero that follows the Pilates principle of "centering". Depending on what you need in your day you can take:
Just a nibble- “When one’s expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have.” Stephen Hawking
A few bites– Think of an aspect of your life that is causing you mental fatigue because you feel like you aren't measuring up to the expectation you have of yourself.
Every last bite– Drop your expectation to nothing and meditate on what that feels like and how it would change your behavior and life. At the end recalibrate your expectations or process for achieving them to stop creating mental strife for yourself.
Daily Cupcake #405: Dessert

Daily Cupcake #405: Dessert

Daily Cupcake #6: Steps

Daily Cupcake #6: Steps