Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Daily Cupcake #305: Giving

Daily Cupcake #305: Giving

Some days getting out of my own head for awhile feels about as good as retreating into it does.  

I try to focus my thoughts on what others might be feeling, needing or wanting.  

I try to give what I can to make it a brighter day for them.  

Just small gestures do fine. Like taking a photo for someone.  

Which leads me to this #Dailycupcake about Giving follows the Pilates principle of "breath". Depending on what you need in your day you can take:
Just a nibble- “Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think." Henry Longfellow
A few bites– Do a small task for someone.
Every last bite– Do a small task for someone each day for at least a week, journal about the experience or tell a friend.
Daily Cupcake #336: Direction

Daily Cupcake #336: Direction

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