Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Daily Cupcake #314: Dreaming

I heard once that to enjoy children you still need to be able to delight in the ordinary.  

It is a sentiment that I find to be true over and over again throughout the day. 

On walks we stop to look at all sorts of foliage, squeal with delight at each dog passing by and run our fingers through beds of pebbles.  

It takes so much energy, but when you are little it is essentially your livelihood to soak up as many experiences and experiment as much as you can.  

That energy and enthusiasm gets redirected as we get older, but I've found recapturing even moments of that youthful delight is energy giving.  

Which leads me to this #Dailycupcake about Dreaming follows the Pilates principle of "flow". Depending on what you need in your day you can take:
Just a nibble- “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." James Dean
A few bites– What did you love to spend your time doing when you were a kid? Day dream about the activity. 
Every last bite– Pick up some supplies and resume that activity.
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Daily Cupcake #305: Giving

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