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3 Tips for Fitness this Summer

We are well into the Summer with the start of July. Even with all of the outdoor activities and chances for moving around (I like to think of those activities as a bonus to the usual fitness routine), it can be tough to still make room for a regular workout. Here are three tips for fitting it in:

1. Stay hydrated. Summer can drain you of your water reserves leaving you feeling lethargic, which can dampen any work out drive. I like to stick with water or protein packed smoothies to keep it simple and nutritious.

2. Flex your routine. With kids out of school and afternoon thunderstorms it can be easy to lose track of your usual fitness routine. Use this as an opportunity to embrace Summer. It can be difficult to slow down and feel Summer from that leisurely youth perspective. Take that walking path you’ve always wanted to try on your lunch break or test out a new fitness activity like swimming at the pool (or Pilates!) instead of the usual run. It will keep you active and your body challenged.

3. Focus on what’s important. We all have 168 hours each week. We spend a good chunk of that time working and sleeping, but what about the rest? A 45-minute workout six days a week is just 4.5 hours a week—that’s only about 3% of your total week. I try to capitalize on the time of day and what activities get done when. If I know I have energy mid-afternoon, then I’ll use that time for Pilates instead of lying around reading.

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