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Adjusting to Daylight Savings

Many are impacted by daylight savings time- particularly in late fall and early winter when warm sunlight until nearly bedtime gives way to cold dark nights right after work. Typically, there is an increased desire for comfort. It is natural to feel the effects of the darkness. The bed never looked cozier and the macaroni and cheese never more satisfying. The trick is that everything else keeps going like usual. We don't have shorter work days to give us lit time to take for all those daily life tasks. And we don't actually need extra fat stores to prepare for a harsh winter.

That leaves us having to fight what a natural experience to keep up with what society has built (including daylight savings time ironically enough). There are ways to satisfyingly indulge this natural inclination for winter and coziness, while also not undoing all that we've worked for during swimsuit season.

In the first week give yourself the time to adjust. Soak in all that the new season is bringing. Crisp nights mean fires and cider, blankets and thick socks. The holiday season is revving up, which means another year has gone by and a Summer of growth fades into Winter's reflection.

Use this first week to consider what you want to maintain over this period of time. Do you want to maintain the intensity of your workouts? It might make sense to opt for one longer session on a weekend instead of two shorter sessions in the evening when it is most difficult to stay motivated (and awake). You can also look to try out a new format of Pilates that might offer a different pace. There are also a number of options for building your daily practice at home.

As for eating habits, the office kitchen will never overflow more than at this time of year. Give yourself pause, to recognize that you are working toward a healthier lifestyle overall, and little snacks and nibbles here and there don't factor into that bigger plan for health. That dessert isn't the best fuel you can give your body. If you're turning to that dessert for a moment of relaxation, comfort, indulgence, reward, etc., then chances are there is something equally simple and infinitely more real available to you than any snack. For example, you could buy a new lip gloss to reward yourself or find a colleague to take brisk sociable walk.

As you move into the subsequent weeks, you'll adjust to the time change. Hopefully though, you'll find opportunity to keep up your Pilates and other health habits, while still indulging the comfort and lethargy. Use the seasonal change as an opportunity to get creative and find out what truly comforts you this year that doesn't entail undoing what matters to you in the rest of the year.

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