Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Reclaim your Energy! Get the boring tasks on auto-pilot

The day-to-day feels better with a little routine. How you do it is up to your unique style. The important part is that it’s your expectation for each day.  My daily routine is really important to me because it frees up my mind and gives me more time to focus on what inspires me, as well as room in my schedule for daily fitness with Pilates.  Here are some tips to keep the routines going: 1) Food.  Try to make healthy choices each day and set yourself up for success by planning meals, having multiple ingredients at the ready to create a variety of dishes, keeping the gap between meals and snacks small and having a small stockpile of healthy options (e.g., vegetarian chili and grilled cheese and vegetable sandwiches) available when you don't feel like your planned meal.

2) Cleaning/House Care. Try set days each week for laundry and cleaning. You can streamline cleaning by having only what you need and enjoy, taking the few extra seconds to put things back or load the dish washer right away, and cleaning only what's needed. For the latter, I Swiffer the main level twice a week but only vacuum the upstairs every other week. It keeps me from doing extra I don't need to and the house is clean.

3) Morning and Evening. Limit your choices in the morning and evening because you'll have much bigger decisions to make the rest of the day. Try eating generally the same thing for breakfast each morning, keep your closet organized to grab and go, pick a few makeup and hairstyles to cycle through. At night, try to wind down at the same time, take a few minutes to plan what has to happen tomorrow, decompress with someone close to you.

Putting life's necessities on auto-pilot with a finely tuned routine helps free you up for more inspiring pursuits like regular Pilates practice.

A Simple Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

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