Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Have a (Pilates) Goal? Work backward

Whenever I have a new project or goal I always get started by working backward. Let's say the goal is daily fitness to be healthy and in shape. What specifically does this look like for you? Does "healthy" mean losing weight? Does "in shape" mean being able to do Teaser III?

When do you want to accomplish the goal by? If you need to lose weight and have never done Pilates before, you are looking at a longer time frame to getting healthy. Once you've honed in on a goal date, you can start working backward.

What would you be doing once you've achieved your goal and to maintain it? Will you no longer be drinking soda and attending Mat Pilates classes a few times a week along with a Private to keep you progressing on your own?

What do you have to carve off of your plate to build up to that? Can you start now with minor diet tweaks and one class a week? You can work backward from your goal tapering down the effort into smaller and more manageable chunks as much as you need. You may need to adjust your goal completion date further out to build in what’s realistic and that's ok. This goal planning exercise helps you understand what you are taking on and leaves you with something actionable you can do today and the plan for what to do tomorrow to achieve your goal.

Ground Yourself Each Day

A Simple Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle