Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Layered Living to Achieve It All Including Pilates

There is pressure (from friends, family, society—the source really doesn’t matter) to do everything.  The big categories are work, home and family, which can be further broken down into activities like cooking, gardening, exercising, cleaning, holidays, dinner parties, decorating, professional development, volunteering, etc.  Is it realistic to attempt to do everything?  Or to even try and balance it all?  Maybe thinking about it differently is in order.  Life doesn’t have to be lived all at once. 1) Accept the phases.  Is it possible to have a broader perspective? A broader perspective that embraces the projects and activities associated with each of life’s milestones.  For example, maybe there’s a point in your life when your regular Pilates routine is very rigorous (maybe before and after a pregnancy) and another point when a maintenance schedule is more in order.

2) Relax the pressure.  Having a broader perspective allows you to live in the moment.  When you are practicing Pilates concentrate on your practice not about what else there is to do. You'll find you enjoy and are more recharged by your Pilates session.

 3) Time is finite.  To do one thing means that something else will have to wait. Be conscious of where you spend your time.

Reframing tasks or activities with an "I choose to do this because..." approach is a powerful way to understand your motivations for how you spend your time an can help you cull away what isn't adding value at this point in your life.

Motivation for Achieving your (Pilates) Goals

Ground Yourself Each Day