Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

New to Cupcake Pilates and Daily Fitness?

How often have you wanted to make daily fitness part of your daily life? Many of us try each day to maintain this routine or get it back on track. Often times some attempts are more successful than others. Take a moment to recall those more successful attempts and note their qualities. Was it a certain time of year? Did you try a reward system or enlist a motivational friend? Now ask yourself what disrupted those initially successful attempts. Did it get to chilly outside? Did you get bored with the rewards? Did your motivational friend move away? When starting a new routine the continuous challenge is often overlooked. The new routine is continuous work that changes depending the context. It is about problem solving. In order to solve the problem of incorporating daily fitness seamlessly into your life you will need to address many small problems along the way- like what happens to the routine on vacation? To have success with your new routine it will be helpful to go into it with the problem solving mindset because it will help you avoid surprises and maintain motivation when problems arise. Think about how much better it feels to anticipate and solve a problem before it is anything more than a possibility as opposed to getting blindsided with something unexpected. Go into your new daily fitness routine with an open mind that is proactive about recognizing potential hiccups. You will feel in control of the process instead of controlled by it, and that will make all the difference in maintaining your commitment to yourself to achieve daily fitness.

Pilates as Part of Daily Life

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