Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

New Year, New You, More Pilates

How is 2014 going for you so far? Are your resolutions wavering any? Here's how to get the new year back on track (or keep up the momentum):

Let it go. Whenever I'm trying to achieve a new goal, and I have set backs (read I get sucked into other projects I don't need to do or a Netflix marathon), I have to stop the vicious guilt cycle and just let it go. Letting the set back go gives me permission to get back on track. Yeah sure I may have lost a couple of days, but that's ok because I'm going to get started again. It really can be that simple.

Visualize. I've also really gotten into visualizing the person I want to be and how that translates into daily living. If a habit I'm trying to break doesn't fit that overall image of the self I want to be, then it is easier to distance myself from that behavior and encourage myself to engage in the behaviors that fit.

Find new sources of motivation. I love to learn. It's how I grow and keep refining my life. I'm always open to the next outlet, whether it be a blog or a podcast, to help me be a better me. To help you discover something new I've added a sign-up, so you can receive virtual cupcakes in your email (one a week or so). This way you can indulge in more living and not the fleeting comfort of food. Who knows you may even come across a life tip that sets you on a whole new path.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Sans Eggs (vegan)

Vanilla cake + Chocolate cream cheese icing = a healthier cupcake