Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Pilates is Flexible

Pilates is a flexible exercise practice. It is adaptable to various fitness levels and needs. Did you know that certain body types are even more amenable to certain Pilates exercises? Like if you are short-waisted the rollover (legs over your head) may be more your style or if you have long legs the bicycle may especially suit you. You will be able to do certain Pilates exercises more beautifully because of your unique characteristics. Just as with other life experiences, not all Pilates exercises will be your favorites or best though. The right Pilates practice is tailored to you and your needs. It is about challenging you on your good days and giving you something familiar on your not so good days.

The flexibility of Pilates practices offers a nice parallel to life. Each day we have to be flexible to meet life's demands. Some days we do more of what we want to and others we do less. What matters is meeting each day with a goal and being intentional in the choices we make. Pilates practice follows this same process.

The goal is to let Pilates become part of your life; such that, your practice ebbs and flows and adapts to what you need mentally and physically. Every little bit of physical activity counts and brings your closer to a healthy life.

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What's so special about Pilates?