Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Pilates is Part of My Life



Pilates started for me when I was 16 and got a DVD set by Mari Windsor. I had gone through a stressful change in my life around that time and had a few extra pounds to show for it. However, with Pilates at least a few times a week I quickly shed the pounds. I turned to Mari Windsor Pilates regularly over the next 10 years. Pilates became more to me in the last few years though. When I was walking to work one morning I was struck by a car. For the next couple of years I dealt with chronic low back pain and the recovery after surgery. I immediately turned to Pilates and found relief. The focus of Pilates on balanced whole body movement with attention to correcting alignment issues gave me what I needed in an exercise program. I started with modified exercises and was able to build up to more challenging ones, which was such a satisfying and motivating experience. Thankfully, I no longer have chronic pain and have regained usual activities. However, I have come to value my own Pilates practice to maintain the recovery and manage days that leave my low back stiff.

My Pilates practice affords me awareness of my own body and what I need to keep it in top shape. For example, poor posture at the office or too few breaks can leave me with uncomfortable stiffness. I try to stay mindful to sit with a neutral pelvis (i.e., right on top of my sit bones) and roll down my spine from standing a few times throughout the day. Pilates is simply more than just exercise, it is a way of living. It has become a passion of mine that I now get to share through Cupcake Pilates, where I can help others bring Pilates into their every day.

Disruptions to the Usual Fitness Routine

Sticking to Your Pilates Routine