Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Relish Your Holiday Season

After Halloween is over it really starts to feel like the holiday season. The challenge with the holidays is that they only come once a year, so it takes a couple of years to notice a pattern and a couple of more years to actually break the pattern.  A common bad habit is not using our time wisely to relish the holiday season. What makes the holiday season is more experience—things like taking a weekday afternoon to go window shop, wrapping gifts with care, and planning special events with friends and family (maybe even a semi-private Pilates class).  Here are a few tips to relish the holiday season:

1) Let Priorities Shift

This holiday season let your less pressing priorities shift (e.g., forego taking on any new house projects, hire out what you can, put off the chores that can wait), so you can enjoy the holidays.

2) Pre-empt Usual Stressful Events

What do you holiday decisions do you like to put off each year? Is it the shopping, the menu, the guest list, the travel plans? Resolve to carve out some time with whoever else you need to decide with you. Use time that would otherwise be wasted like discussing during a car trip or crafting an email while you wait for an appointment.

3) Stop

Yes, I’m referring to the cliché “stop and smell the roses” approach, but there is some truth to it. Part of allowing priorities to shift will mean that you have to let yourself recognize when the holiday moments are right in front of you.  If there is an opportunity to spend an evening drinking cocoa in front of a fire, while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, then take it, don’t push yourself to get the laundry done.

So here’s to getting the holiday season started off the right way—the inspired and mindful way. You may just realize that some of those usual priorities aren’t really priorities after all, leaving you with even more valuable time after the holidays. Time that you can use keeping what's important to you at the forefront--like staying healthy and daily Pilates practice.

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