Do you enjoy making your life sweeter? Me too. Do you enjoy Pilates? Me too. Here I share having that well designed life. 

Set the stage for your day (your life)

I've been traveling lately for varied reasons (resulting in the little hiatus last week, but back to the weekly posts), which I enjoy because I always envision that I'm going to have all sorts of spaces in the day to get things done--like using the time on a flight or late at night in the hotel. I use it as a time to center myself and reflect. As part of my continuous effort to keep growing and learning about myself (can't keep my psychology background at bay!). I've started to internalize-maybe even start to habitualize- the mantra that we set the stage for the day with our mindset.

I'm a planner and a rule follower, so parts of traveling can be a bit anxiety provoking. The kicker for me is that I don't like being that anxiety ridden self. It takes too much energy away from the good stuff.

On these most recent trips I've made it a priority to verbalize to myself and aloud how I'm going to approach the day. I visualize myself having the level-headed mentality that I use elsewhere in life. It's a simple tool that helps. It's like an anchor. When I start feeling flustered, I can pull myself back to the direction that I have myself earlier. The intention helps make it successful.

I challenge you to visualize and verbalize at the start of the day your approach  to areas in your life that you are working on enhancing.

Get Moving

Center yourself