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Sticking to Your Pilates Routine

Starting a new routine can be overwhelming because of all the sabotaging thoughts that crop up. How often have you set out on something new only to get bogged down in questions like: how will I keep this up when x, y or z happens? Am I really going to do this forever? How? The best thing to do when considering adding a new routine to your life is take a step back. First, it is great to ask yourself questions about how the new routine will work. You can make his question period work for you by coming up with real answers to the questions and moving on to the next. There is no need to ruminate. For example, what WILL happen to my new fitness routine when it gets disrupted by an unexpected meeting or flu bug? For one, it is likely that this will happen because it is life, which is rarely static for long periods of time. There are a few solutions like: keeping a place holder in your schedule each week for a make-up session, going easy on yourself and following mini-routines that are kind to your body, and making sure you say "no" to the unnecessary because you've made a commitment to yourself after all.

Second, try to avoid putting this new fitness routine on a pedestal. Sure it is likely to be hyped up in your mind because in our society daily fitness has gotten a mystique that suggests only a select few attain it. This doesn't need to be the case. Take a step back and remind yourself what you think of in forever terms. Chances are you don't even think about your career in terms of forever, so why are you going to concern yourself with the ramifications of trying to maintain this new fitness routine for the next 10 years? Keep a perspective that is manageable for your life. Maybe you are a flight attendant who thinks in terms of few week increments or a teacher on a fall, spring and summer schedule. It is your new fitness routine, so make it fit into the current parameters of your life.

Finally, keep asking questions about your new fitness routine and keep checking in on your perspective of it. Once you've nearly completed the first leg of your new fitness routine whether that is a week or a few months, reevaluate what it will take to go the next leg. Anything from an unexpected job offer to the expected dawn of the holiday season can create the need to make adjustments to your life, so it keeps going smoothly while allowing you to achieve your personal goals.

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